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Match Angling Results System

Welcome to the match angling results system. This software allows fisheries/clubs to input the weights at their matches in real-time and then it calculates the results for you.

The system has been used by the Angling Trust for the Winter League Final 2015 & 2016, Division One National 2016 and the RiverFest Final 2015 & 2016. As the results are calculated as each person weighs in, it see's the end of waiting around for hours for the results to be calculated and checked. More time to find out what the winner did ready for next week!

As an example, the RiverFest Final 2016 was fished from 10.30am til 3.30pm and we had all of the results in and finalised by 4.07pm.

As it's web-based, it means the results can be seen by Anglers all over the world, allowing you to work out where you might to fish next week and see how your team-mates/colleagues/friends have got on.

We can also provide access to a feed of results, if you want to use them on your own website, media publication or any other method. Please contact us for more information.


Yes, there is a cost, but wait! You can subscribe to the site for free, which will allow you to view results and enter your own match results - but they won't calculate in real-time and this is limited to 30 anglers.

Results from our premium clients (e.g. The Angling Trust) are 'public' matches and are visible without needing to subscribe.

If you want to use the real-time part of the system, you can buy 'match credits' at a cost of £2 per private match (or 10 for £16) or £10 per public match (£80 for 10). You can then use the software to enter the result on the bank - e.g. using a tablet/phone.

All results, once finalised are published, which means an alert goes out on our Facebook page and Twitter feed to let everyone know a new result is in. Your Twitter handle can also be included (if entered) so you can retweet and let everyone know how it went.

If you're a fishery owner/club/league manager who would be interested but are concerned about the cost, please get in touch as we have a number of discounts available for bulk/long term purchase of credits.

We can also provide data reports for you to analyse results and see trends for anglers, teams, fishery stocks and participation.

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